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Dion Alexandria Harris

Chakra and Meditation Coaching
Massage Therapy
Reiki Healing
Personal Cooking

Meet Me

Certified Meditation Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Personal Cook

Quick Facts:

Massage Therapy-IBMC, Fort Collins, graduated in 2012

Reiki Master Training-Zuddha Inner Peace, Fort Collins, completed in 2011

Meditation Instruction-University of Holistic Theology, completed in 2016

Personal Cook/Meal Prep-Plant Based, Healthy, Organic, self-taught

My goal is to teach you how to use meditation and chakra knowledge to create harmony between your body and mind and shape your life into one you love!  Plus, some massage and/or reiki to help you along ;)

The Details:

I am a Colorado native with a passion for holistic health, natural healing and the incredible connection between body and mind.  I believe our minds and bodies, when working in harmony, allow for the innate wisdom and intuition we all naturally possess to guide us towards greater health and happiness.  In a state of balance, the body has the best chance to heal and maintain optimal health and the mind becomes an ally, allowing a sense of ease, calm and peacefulness to pervade our lives.


I have been an avid meditator for twenty years and began my practice as I started researching natural ways to overcome anxiety in my early 20's.  This, in addition to research on how to cure both my son's frequent ear infections led me down a rabbit hole of discovery into the world of alternative and organic healing (and thriving!) and I've never been the same since :)  Not only did I find a remedy for the ear infections (osteopathy!), but I realized how powerful a skill such as meditation really can be to alleviate chronic worry and stress.  When I began practicing, it was not easy and I experienced the same hurdles that many people seem to face when they begin meditating.  The feeling of impatience with not being able to control or still my mind would oftentimes make me want to give up and accept the "fact" that meditation is only for "the enlightened ones".  I was determined however, to follow the advice of experienced meditators by sticking to a daily practice, starting slow, and being gentle with myself.  And I am so happy I did!  


Along the way, I came to learn about chakras, the seven main energy centers in the body that correlate with the emotional and physical aspects of our bodies.  The chakras opened a whole doorway for me into understanding my mind and body in a very deep and profound way.  I began using the chakras as a guide in my meditations and haven't given it up yet! 

About ten years ago, my family and I moved to Fort Collins and new opportunities opened up to me such as a chance to enroll in massage school, receive my Reiki Master training, become certified as a meditation instructor, and continue expanding my knowledge of how to create healthy and delicious meals for myself and others.  It has been an incredible progression of learning and experience that has allowed me to use my knowledge and skills to create a business that helps others to feel their best, most vibrant selves!  Although I absolutely love using massage, Reiki, meditation, and the power of healthy foods to help relieve my client's aches, pains, and anxiety, my mission is to teach you how you can alleviate these symptoms yourself and use the incredible energy of your chakras to your advantage!  Having had the experience of what hectic city and family life can do to drain and overwhelm a person, I feel incredibly grateful to have found ways to not only cope with the stresses of life, but actually feel optimistic, hopeful, happy and healthy while doing so and I hope to bring some of this into your life :)

Through both my personal challenges and the periods of ease in my life, I clearly see that contentment, peace and love are what matters most to me.  I enjoy organic gardening, creating plant based healthy meals, hiking, camping, reading, music, volunteering, painting and traveling.  Voluntary simplicity, a term used to describe a mindful, appreciative, and intentional way to live is my way of life and I enjoy it with my husband, two grown sons, a dog, two cats, a fish, and lots of family and friends.  


How It All Relates

I believe that the chakras, meditation, massage, Reiki, and eating healthy and organically are very intertwined as each element leads to the next in a cyclical form, profoundly connecting the body, mind and spirit.  Chakras, the 7 main energy centers in our bodies correlate to specific emotional and physical aspects of ourselves.  Learning about the chakras opens up incredible ways of understanding yourself and the positive and negative attributes that we all possess.  By focusing on these centers in meditation you can learn to feel these areas in your body and assess for yourself which chakras are in balance or under or over-active.  You can then use mediation as a way to hone in on your alignment and inherent intuition to strengthen the chakras, thus improving your emotional and physical health.  Massage has allowed me to understand that not only does it provide physical comfort and therapy to my clients, but also allows you the opportunity to relax completely allowing the mind to settle down as well as tuning into personal muscular holding patterns and habits.  The mind-body experience of massage often gets under-shadowed by the belief that it's purely a physical form of therapy.  Reiki is an energetic technique similar to massage in the way that it helps treat physical as well as emotional issues, but is purely hands-off or light touch in manner.  Reiki practitioners use their gifts in many different ways, but I have found that the connection between Reiki and the chakras is undeniable in my practice and when giving a treatment I am able to determine which chakras are more and less active.  With this, I focus the Reiki Love and Light energy to any areas, physical or emotional, that need extra strengthening and support.  A natural and healthy diet consisting of a rainbow of foods completes the circle as the foods you eat (and don't eat!) have an amazing effect on the wellness of our bodies and minds. There are even specific foods that enhance the strength of our chakras! The connection I've made between chakras, meditation, massage, Reiki, and food excites me tremendously and I'd love for you to learn how to use them to create a life of vibrancy and passion!



Chakra and Meditation Coaching

Learn about the chakras, what physical and emotional aspects of you they represent, and techniques you can use to increase and maintain your chakra health while decreasing any imbalances.  Use this knowledge to learn to meditate or deepen your existing mediation practice. No matter what experience you have with meditation, especially if you are under the belief that you can't meditate, allow the chakras to harmonize your mind and body.  Together, we will determine which chakras are balanced, under or over-active and bring focus and attention there with one-on-one guided mediations, exercises, positive affirmations, and homework suggestions.  


Massage and Reiki

Whether it's just a massage or Reiki you're looking for, or a combination of both, you will find an incredible benefit to both body and mind!  My personal massage technique is eclectic as I am a big believer in listening to my client's preferences and adjusting to their needs. From a lighter touch uber relaxing massage to a deep tissue "get in there" massage, it's all up to you!

Meditation Space Creation

It's important in a meditation practice, especially in the beginning, to carve out a dedicated space to sit down comfortably and settle your mind.  Entering this space signals your mind that it is time to unwind and focus on emptying thoughts.  I have created and seen many forms of meditation spaces and by using what you already own, we can create a space uniquely yours where you feel comfortable, focused and distraction free, giving you the best start towards a joyful practice.

Personal Cooking/Meal Prep

I am incredibly passionate about food and eating as I believe a mostly organic plant based diet is an enormous contributing factor for a thriving mind/body balance.  Having been diagnosed with Celiac Disease seventeen years ago, I have a complete understanding of the havoc food allergies and inflammation can have on a person.  Preparing meals that nourish the chakras is my specialty! With this knowledge and excitement about  cooking and eating healthy foods, I love to offer personal cooking and meal prep options to my clients. This affords those of you who don't quite own the passion for cooking and preparing that I do, the opportunity to eat delicious, healthy, and organic meals while prioritizing other activities that fit your lifestyle. 




Chakra and Meditation Coaching

60 minute sessions made up of a combination of chakra assessment, guided mediation, Q and A regarding any difficulties you'd like to overcome in relation to meditation, meditation and non-meditation exercises specific to over active or under active chakras, agreed upon homework that fits your experience level and personal goals.


Massage and Reiki

Pricing is for actual, on table time.  You will receive massage for every minute you pay for!

60 Minute Massage~$65

75 Minute Massage~$75

90 Minute Massage~$85

Reiki 15 Minutes~$15

60 Minute Hot Stone Massage~$75

90 Minute Hot Stone Massage $95

Chakra Massage~(My specialty!) A blend of smooth gem stones, gem essences,essential oils and Reiki corresponding to each unique chakra!

60 Minutes~$70

90 Minutes~$90

Meditation Space Design Assistance

$15 each 15 minutes

Personal Cooking/Meal Prep

Menu Planning~$20


Reimbursement for groceries with receipt and $25/hour to cook and prep


FAQ's and Policies

Massage and Reiki Specific Questions

What style of massage do you do?

I tailor each massage to your unique preferences.  I offer anywhere from a relaxing, lighter pressure massage to a deep tissue, work the knots out massage but have found that most client's prefer a combination depending on focus areas.  We will begin your session discussing your goals and go from there!

I've had massage therapists talk my ear off during my whole massage.  Will you do this?

Actually, I prefer a quiet and relaxing session just as much as you do!  If I am able to focus on your body and goals for the session, you will enjoy a much better massage. However, I love interacting and getting to know my clients and I always book extra time before and after massages to chat!  I strongly feel that your session should be a break from our incessant mind-chatter, devices and external pressures we all face on a daily basis.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that uses either a hands-off or light touch technique.  This energy is transferred through previous master/teachers that follows a lineage back to Mikao Usui, Reiki's original founder.  Through a series of "attunements", I have been handed down this gentle but powerful energy that is transmitted to my clients through my hands.  This energy is useful in treating physical ailments and symptoms, as well as emotional issues.  I have found that by focusing on the chakra centers with the Reiki energy and your intention, some powerful shifts can occur in my clients.  

Most clients experience an all over-body and mind deep relaxation and a magnetic or electrical sense where my hands are focused during the session.  Reiki is exceptionally complimentary to massage and I love beginning and ending a massage session with it!

Meditation Specific Questions

What if I have little or no experience with meditation?

That's just fine!  We will begin your practice slowly, starting with exercises in mindful breathing and body scanning, using guided imagery to build up towards sensing your chakras and finding that mental stillness we all crave.  I teach at your own unique pace with no expectations or pressure.

Are chakras a part of everyone's meditation practice?

No, learning about and focusing on the chakras in mediation isn't necessary for a strong practice, but I find it adds a unique element to the way I teach.  As you learn what each chakra represents and how its characteristics are manifesting in your life, you can use these energy centers in meditation to increase the positive effects they support. Also, the chakras allow us a focal point, helping you to learn to mindfulness and bridging the mind/body connection.

Where in my home is it best to practice meditation?

It's important to have a space that is free from noise, distraction, and electronics.  This could simply be your couch, a chair, or a cushion in your living room.  A separate room or distinct area in which you can set up some personal items that bring you peace and joy is a wonderful way to start your practice and teaches your body and mind that when you enter this space it can relax and rejuvenate.  We will practice together in the area you have chosen as your dedicated meditation spot.  Need help creating a space?  I have created many unique mediation spaces even in tight quarters!  We'll get creative with it :)

How long will it take for me to learn to meditate?

That's completely up to you!  Although the goal is to practice every day, the length of time sitting will increase with practice.  I want to expose you to a variety of techniques so that you can determine which skills are most useful to you personally and allow for the highest focus and expansion you can reach!  Your "homework" will evolve at your own pace.  I ask you to honor your pace with gentleness and loving kindness towards yourself.  Like life itself, a meditation practice can have its up and downs, times of speedy alignment and times of boredom and frustration.  You will learn how to adapt to every challenge.

How often will we need to meet?

That is also completely up to you! After your first sixty minute session, I will assign you some meditation and chakra enhancing exercises to practice for the week.  During this week, you will be able to determine the pace of your progress and when you feel you are ready to expand more, we will set up our next session in which we will practice together and address any questions or concerns you have.  Whether we meet once a week, every two weeks, or monthly you will begin to notice the beneficial effects that meditation and the chakras have in your day to day experiences. 

Meal Prep/Personal Cooking Specific Questions

What types of meals do you make?

I specialize in organic, plant based, healthy meals.  Although I am not a vegetarian, I love veggies and make sure to include them in every meal I eat.  We all know that by increasing our daily amounts of fresh fruits and veggies is important for a healthy lifestyle, but oftentimes in the hurry and business of daily life, they don't get priority.  I have a long list of tried and true delicious recipes that you can chose from!  I can adapt any recipe to omit the ingredients you don't like or add anything (including animal based protein source) that you think sounds good.  I also cook completely gluten free as I have Celiac disease and need to taste as I go.  

How does it work?

***This has changed due to heightened safety protocols due to COVID-19***

 We can either speak on the phone, or I can stop by for a masked and socially distanced visit to discuss what types of meals you would like, any dietary restrictions, amounts and how often you would like meals, and to address any questions you may have.  I can then send you recipe ideas and/or you can send me the recipes you'd like me to prepare via email.  Once you choose, I will create an ingredient list also sent via email, and you can mark off the items you have in your kitchen.  You can then decide if you'd like to purchase the remaining ingredients or have me shop and purchase them for you.  I will be preparing all meals in my home, using a mask and gloves, and package them for delivery.  Menu Planning, shopping, and cooking is based on an hourly rate (see pricing page) and I round down to the nearest 15 mins of stopping time.  I label all dishes with reheating/assembling instructions and will deliver them either to you directly or if you prefer contactless delivery, I can leave the meals in a cooler by your door.

How is the food packaged?

I ask that you make an initial, one time purchase of a set of Glasslock dishes.  These can be found on Amazon for approximately $30 and depending on how many meals you'd like prepared, you may need two sets.  These dishes are great to reheat in the oven and the locking lids keep food fresh longer.  I will return them to you when you no longer need my services.

What if I just need some foods prepped, but not entire meals?

Eating healthy and making good food choices can be difficult when your time is limited.  By having fresh fruits a veggies pre-cut and healthy snacks ready to eat in your fridge, you will be able to grab something quick that also nourishes your body.  I'd be happy to chop and create your healthy snacks!

I have my own favorite recipes, but don't have time to cook.  Can you prepare these?

Absolutely!  I love cooking new things and reading recipes is a favorite hobby of mine :)


Because I come to your home, I prioritize safety and if you are a new client, I must speak to you on the phone before we set up an appointment time. I reserve the right to use my judgement and intuition when either accepting or declining a new client.  Thanks for understanding and valuing my safety concerns!

If at any time I feel that the therapist/client boundaries are being pushed, tested, or broken I will stop the session immediately and appropriate action will be taken.

More than anything, I want you to feel that you are receiving value for your money and time with my services!  I pride myself of dependability, preparedness, and confidence that what I offer will bring more peace, calm, and balance into your life propelling  you to live the life you love. All I ask of you is that if at any time you feel that this is not the case, please don't hesitate to let me know, I promise you won't hurt my feelings and if I can recommend you to someone else that may be a better match, I'd be happy to do that!


Contact Info

Call/Text me at: 970-599-9659


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