"I have received deep tissue massages from Dion for over five years and I refuse to go to anyone else.  I have some pretty significant back and neck issues, and I always feel so much better after a visit with Dion.  In addition, she is always on time and has never cancelled an appointment with me.  I highly recommend Dion's services!

~Beth S.

"I have been receiving massage and Reiki from Dion for close to 4 years and all I can say is she is amazing!  Her massages leave me feeling totally relaxed and ready to take on the world!  The most impressive part to me is the Reiki that she performs to settle my Chakras and ensure that my body is aligned through those.  She has a way of recognizing where I am off-balanced in my life, the triumphs or struggles I am currently facing, and what, through Reiki, I can do to keep myself balanced moving forward.  If you are scheduling her for a massage I definitely recommend giving Reiki a chance, I guarantee you will not regret it!"

~Kim S.

Dion is an amazing massage therapist and I recommend her highly!  She is incredibly intuitive and mindful, she listens to concerns and targets problem areas while adapting pressure and technique to the needs of the client and frequently solicits feedback.  Her practice is based on kindness and personalized to each client she works with.   In addition, Dion's focus on wellness and helping others led her to assist me in achieving my healthier lifestyle goals through working with me to menu plan weekly and coming to my house to batch cook meals.  It aided me greatly to have quality healthy and delicious meals available to avert less healthy choices when time was short.  Opening the fridge to an array of healthy meals based on my preferences and made with quality ingredients and care - fantastic!!

~Kimberly O.